My seminar topics during that weekend are "Percussive Guitar" and "Tips and Techniques for Fingerstyle".

Other seminars/seminar leaders: Bill Coon (Blues meets Jazz/The Guitar Orchestra), Maria Eaton (Songwriting/Cool songs and groovy Chords), Kathy Francis (Uke Level 2 Play in any key), Andy Hillhouse (Song Accompaniment/Rhythm guitar techniques), Liam MacDonald (Rhythm Basics/Latin Percussion), Karla Mundy (Singing World music/Gospel-Roots Singing), Kristina Olsen (Guitar Soloing for the Clueless/Songwriting), Dale Rasmussen (Easy Vocal Harmony for Beginners/Jazz Vocal Harmony), Ali Romanow (FolkHarmonic/The Art of the Sideman), Barry Truter (Caribbean Rhythms), Tim Williams (Introduction to the Blues/Fingerstyle Country Blues).

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ABOUT THE CD "Armed & Dangerous"
We wanted to have some fun with this CD so went with the theme of the TV Series "The Walking Dead". If an acoustic gutiarist living in zombie times and needed to get to the gig they would need the ultimate acoustic guitar weapon. Of course that would be a Fan Fret with armrest bevel, equpped with blades, chainsaw, and flame thrower, using strings as whips and having Admantium Nails one would always get to the gig on time.