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Official CD Release Party & Concert: Oct 3rd, 2015, 7pm, Blue Dog Guitars, North Vancouver, BC

Long overdue but following in the tracks of his recent CD Not A Planet that received 2 music industry nominations in Canada for Instrumental CD of the year, Don Alder brings fun and imagination to his new CD titled Armed & Dangerous.

From a look at the CD cover, one can conclude Alder is a huge fan of the "Walking Dead" TV series. This CD demonstrates that with a number of the tunes dedicated to the cast of the TV show. In Don's words: "Imagine if you were living in a zombie apocalyptic world and had to get to your next gig, you would need the ultimate acoustic guitar weapon, armed with blade on the headstock, blade on the body, an angle adjustable chainsaw, adamantium nails, strings for whips and if that all failed the whammy bar operated flame thrower would clear the path." Unlike the typical flow of instrumental fingerstyle CDs, "Armed & Dangerous" contains songs with a variety of sounds: solo pieces, baritone guitar pieces, harp guitar with singing, two singer/songwriter tunes with band, a duet, and more. Twelve songs nearing one hour of play time.

The awards honour Domenic Troiano (1947 – 2005) who is credited by many as the catalyst of the 'Toronto Sound' in the 1960's. He played a principle role in Mandala, The Guess Who, Bush and The James Gang. Troiano scored multiple movie and television themes and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1966.

The awards in 2015 go to: Don Alder (multi-genre category), Steve Cowan (Newfoundland, classical guitar), and Sam Dickinson (Ontario, jazz guitar).